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Projects – Mancos

Red Wagon’s pilot project is an 88kW system within the town limits of Mancos, CO. On a vacant one-acre lot, Red Wagon worked with Four Corners Solar to design and build the system. Designed to conform with EEA’s protocols and safety requirements, and to fit the location, this pilot project will produce enough electricity to power about 30 homes annually.
The power is being sold to Empire Electric Association (EEA) through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), and fed directly onto the local power-grid. It doesn’t go to any specific homes, and it doesn’t alter anyone’s electric bill. However, this break-the-mold project introduces a shift, allowing a small renewable power plant to provide power to the grid. Distributed power generation by renewable methods offers a way to bolster a local utility’s capacity and renewable energy portfolio. Enough of these distributed power plants in this region will re-make the energy grid into a partnership of local producers, buttressed by EEA’s and Tri-State Electric’s consistent and reliable track record of affordable, on-demand power.

Live Solar Statistics – Mancos Project

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